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Image 1 - Clean-Up Tour Airolo

Clean-Up Tour Airolo

An operation in favour of the environment in Airolo!

On Sunday 7th August the Clean-Up Tour will stop in Airolo. A day dedicated to waste collection on the ski slopes of Airolo.

The Clean-Up Tour: a national event for the cleanliness of the Swiss mountains.

For several years now, harvesting operations have flourished in many mountain destinations. However, the problem of waste at high altitudes is still relevant. To promote these actions on a national scale, the Summit Foundation has created a major tour to bring together these waste collection days under a single flag. The Clean-up Tour thus serves to develop public interest and awareness for the protection of Switzerland's mountains.

Summit Fondation has been working for 20 years to protect the environment, particularly in the mountains.

More information on the Clean-Up Tour: www.cleanuptour.ch

For organisational reasons, please register for the event by 2 August 2022.


9.00 a.m. Meeting at Bar La Chièuna, breakfast, collection of equipment and information on the day's activities

9.45 a.m. A staggered departure of the groups to the areas to be cleaned

1 p.m. Lunch offered at Ristorante la Stüa in Pesciüm

2 p.m. Waste collection, photos and weighing of waste

2.30 – 3.00 p.m. Descent into the valley