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BancaStato Walking Mendrisiotto

A day in motion! An edition which will propose 4 completely renewed routes and a new villages located at the Centro Sportivo Adorna in Mendrisio.

The seventh edition of BancaStato Walking Mendrisiotto is scheduled for Sunday, 16 April 2023.

The routes

  • Family (5.3 km): flat, accessible to all (even with prams and pushchairs), which passes through three districts of Mendrisio. The route passes through Ligornetto and along the Laveggio river
  • Chiasso (8.7 km): it starts from Chiasso and arrives in Mendrisio along the Motta Valley Park
  • Besazio (11 km): medium difficulty, it crosses four districts of Mendrisio and reaches Besazio along old mule tracks and paths often bordered by vineyards
  • Meride (16.7 km): a route with a difference in altitude of about 500 m, it passes through seven districts of Mendrisio and goes close to Monte San Giorgio (UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site)

The 2023 edition will also propose the "Walk&Dog" category, designed for 4-legged friends and their owners. The course (5.3 km) is flat and includes shaded areas, as well as refreshments along the route for dog and owner and a veterinary emergency service (for a fee). Registration for this category is only possible online.

Registration www.walkingmendrisio.ch


  • OPENING Sun: 08:00 - 16:00
  • CATEGORIES Sports events , Get-togethers