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Autumn Festival


The Autumn Festival will take place on the second Saturday of October in Ascona. Visitors are invited to taste over 2000 kg of chestnuts roasted on the fire by the local maronatt as well as various chestnut-based delicacies such as jams, honeys and cakes and a host of the region's traditional food and wine products. Polenta and mortadella or gorgonzola will be served at lunch time and many concerts will entertain the public during the afternoon.


The festival will take place on the lakefront of Ascona on Saturday 6th October 2018; on Saturday October 13tht 2018 will be organised the Chestnut Festival.


The distribution of chestnuts will be ensured even in case of bad weather (no animations).


Organized by AMA - Associazione Manifestazioni Ascona.



  • OPENING Sat: 10.00-17.30
  • CATEGORIES Enogastronomy , Local festivals