Ticino: a film set holiday

Italian-speaking Switzerland is a great film set. Thanks to the Ticino Film Commission, the whole world can use it as a location for videos and films. Many people will remember James Bond jumping off the Verzasca Dam. Why not try it for yourself!

What do Bellinzona and Bollywood have in common? Castelgrande, of course! When visiting it you will realise why UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site and why Indian producers choose to film music videos here.

Discover the dark side of the shopping temple. Did you know that the famous FoxTown shopping centre is one of locations in Paolo Sorrentino’s film
"The Consequences of Love"? Lights, camera, action!

Lugano offers that dolce vita atmosphere typical of holidays in the south portrayed by Conny and Peter back in 1962. You can also have a good laugh in Piazza Luini with "Mister Felicità" starring Alessandro Siani.