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Yacht Club Ascona

The Yacht Club Ascona (YCAs) was officially established May 7, 1954 at the Hotel Schiff in Ascona. Ever since then the Club has always been well known for the organisation of prestigious local, national and international regattas. Many sailing classes have come to Ascona such as the Star , 5.5m, Esse850, Dragons, Laser, FD, Tornado, A-Class, Musto Skiff, flying Moths and many others.

For over 20 years the YCAs is investing intensive effort for youth and children. The ambitious goal is to let younger generations having fun through teaching them this fantastic sport discipline, an objective which ultimately ensures continuity and the future of sailing through the whole Lake Maggiore region. In addition to the summer sailing courses, the Yacht Club Ascona offers annual courses for beginners and advanced.

Around 250 members and guests of the sailing club enjoy a nice and cosy Club House surrounded by an idyllic meadow on the shores of the Lake Maggiore. In addition, they also benefit from an infrastructure suitable for sailing dinghies, windsurfing as well as for keelboats. The venue is situated next to the public beach and short walk distance from the Lido of Ascona. Beaches, parking places and restaurants as well as excellent wind conditions are always at your fingertips.



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