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Wine cellar il Cavaliere

History and name
From the slopes of Mount Ceneri, on the road that led from Cadenazzo to the old harbour of Magadino, lay the commandery of Contone, one of the historical headquarters of the Order of the Knights of Malta in Canton Ticino, now a village in the municipality of Gambarogno.

In this area that was reclaimed a long time ago, on this deep, fresh and sandy land that has long been used for agricolture; it is from its vineyards, its noble and ancient grapes, honouring the values of honesty, dedication, patience, and loyalty to land, that the winery IL CAVALIERE takes its name.

Dedication and innovation
Raise questions, improve, research, understand mistakes, and evaluate possibilities: any action must be carefully considered and analysed, as part of a working philosophy, of a project that begins in the vineyard, grows in the cellar, and takes form in our wines. Combine innovation and tradition, giving meaning to the past to understand the present and always sticking to the principles of care, attention, respect for nature and the environment, quality of products, selection, and dedication.

Work the land and reap its fruits, appreciate them, know their qualities, make the most of them, and limit their defects, to obtain a product that is unique and recognisable; for us who work at the Cavaliere winery, wine is a product that grows and matures in taste and flavour, with its distinctive character and personality.

That's how our vineyards produce pure Merlot redts, like Artù or the more structured Riserva; a superior wine, like Prestige, or a wine for blending, like Galà.

The rose Delizia, whose name bears the promise of its taste. Whites that are never improvised, like Loero and Lansilò: a challenge and the pride of our winery; the Gambarogno line, point of contact with the country and his history; and finally, the two 100% Merlot grappas, that capture the essence of those grapes.


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