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It is never too late to shift up and leave the daily stress behind you in the varied constellation of wellness centres that enhance Ticino. The water and its warmth, a thousand miraculous recipes for self care with innovative application of a formula already known to the ancient Greeks and Romans: mens sana in corpore sano.

Never as today is that ancient wisdom so current, and it is perfectly expressed from St. Gotthard to Chiasso, in 100 kilometres, with a wide range of choices for all tastes, personalities and budgets. Massages: relaxing, athletic, classic or totally original. Foamy hot tubs, water massages with a view: experiences to savour in all the wellness centres that grace our canton, flirting with our lakes from the surrounding hills and mountains.

And there are exercise pools for those wishing to practice a little "sport". And also therapy showers, steam rooms, tropical showers and many other dreamy treatments beckoning from one excellence centre to another. Or what about a day of pure fun amid the waves, on the border with Italy, in the aquatic park: from hints of the sea in the wave pool to play in the children’s pool, passing through wellness in the thermal tubs.

Alternatives? Physiotherapy, fitness or "simple" relaxation in the welcoming, curative hot springs of Stabio, because Ticino has also been offering natural hot springs for a century and a half! In other words, goodbye stress: this, too, is meditative, relaxing Ticino. With just a call or a mouse click, you can easily book a "pit stop", refreshing and regenerating, before returning to the challenges of modern-day life.