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Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa


The Fratelli Carlo and Luca Frasa winery was established in 2008 by their father, Roberto, and is located in Rodi Fiesso. It is a family business, and everyone's free time is devoted to the care of the vineyards, a fundamental requirement for obtaining healthy and quality grapes, which in turn ensures the production of excellent wines. 

The company currently cultivates around one hectare of Merlot vines in the Leventina valley, in the municipalities of Bodio and Giornico. The soil of these regions is made of granite and gneiss with good acidity and minerals, which gives the wines character and good ageing properties. 

The company has a cellar built close to the mountain, which, thanks to the air currents circulating inside, guarantees a constant temperature and humidity throughout the year; an ideal climate for the ageing of wines.

They organise tastings and visits of the vineyards at their home in Rodi Fiesso.


  • WINE AND CELLARS Wine cellars , Tasting sessions