Image 0 - Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa
Image 1 - Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa
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Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa

The Fratelli Carlo and Luca Frasa winery was founded in 2008 by their father Roberto and is based in Rodi-Fiesso, Via Morasco 13. The management is purely family-run and everyone's commitment to looking after the vineyards is a fundamental condition for obtaining healthy, quality grapes, which then guarantee the production of excellent wines. 

The company currently cultivates more than two hectares of vineyards located in the municipalities of the lower and middle Leventina, from Pasquerio to below Anzonico in the Pianotondo area. The soil in these regions consists of granite and gneiss, and the good acidity and minerality of the soils give the wines character and a good aptitude for ageing. Our white wines are the Bianco di Merlot, the Chardonnay and the Johanniter, the rosé wines are the Rosato di Merlot and the Rosato di Bondola, and as reds we have the Rosso di Merlot in steel and the Rosso di Merlot barricaded 12 months in French barriques. Our products have the Ticino regio.garantie label. The company has an excellent wine cellar, which guarantees constant temperature and humidity throughout the year; ideal conditions for ageing the wines. 

At the Johanniter vineyard in the area of Pianotondo we have a rustic cottage where tastings, lunches, dinners and visits to the vineyard can be organised by prior arrangement.

Also at our house in Rodi-Fiesso we have a room where, by reservation, aperitifs, lunches, dinners or other events can be organised.


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