Vitivinicola Fratelli Carlo e Luca Frasa

Strada di Morasco 13, 6772 Rodi Fiesso, +41 91 867 14 85

The Fratelli Carlo and Luca Frasa winery was established in 2008 by their father, Roberto, and is located in Rodi Fiesso. It is a family business, and everyone's free time is devoted to the care of the vineyards, a fundamental requirement for obtaining healthy and quality grapes, which in turn ensures the production of excellent wines. 

The company currently cultivates around one hectare of Mer...

WINE AND CELLARS Wine cellars, Tasting sessions
Strada di Morasco 13, 6772 Rodi Fiesso
Tel.: +41 91 867 14 85
Mobile: +41 79 241 57 63
Frasa Carlo e Luca
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