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Ticino. Health and medical care.

Ticino is the ideal place not just for undergoing specialist medical checks, but also for relaxing and dedicating a bit of time to yourself, your mind, and your body. The area boasts numerous clinics, both public and private, where, with the aid of the best specialists, you can benefit from cutting-edge treatments. The highly qualified staff ensures an accurate diagnosis and attentive treatment to meet your needs as well as possible. The professionalism and welcoming atmosphere will give you back your smile.


Below is a selection of the most important facilities:


Clinica Ars Medica 

The Clinica Ars Medica is a superb clinic that offers orthopaedic and trauma patients access to cutting-edge surgical techniques in a comfortable, secure, and courteous setting.

[email protected]www.arsmedica.ch

ProCrea – Swiss Fertility Centre

The ProCrea Centre, which specialises in treating infertility, is an international centre of reference and one of the largest infertility centres in Switzerland. The centre has been operating for 15 years and is able to offer high professional standards.

[email protected]www.procrea.ch

Cardiocentro Ticino

The Cardiocentro Ticino is a cutting-edge university clinic highly specialised in cardiology, cardiac surgery, and cardiac anaesthesia. It is an acute hospital that guarantees very early intervention treatments and offers an efficient Day Hospital service.

[email protected]www.cardiocentro.org

Clinica Sant’Anna

The Clinica Sant’Anna specialises in disciplines related to feminine health (gynaecology and obstetrics, neonatology, senology), as well as in general and plastic surgery, internal medicine, and oncology. It is home to the first Centre of Preventative Medicine in Ticino.

[email protected]www.clinicasantanna.ch

Clinica Luganese

The Clinica Luganese is able to offer its health care services thanks to a dense network of highly qualified specialist doctors. The hospital’s activity is focused around five centre of competence: surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology, internal medicine, geriatrics, and rheumatology and oncology.

[email protected]www.clinicaluganese.ch

Clinica Viarnetto

The Clinica Viarnetto is a family-run private psychiatric clinic. It has specialised on psychiatric and psychotherapy treatments since 1927. Today, the clinic employs around 60 members of staff. It offers individually tailored therapy programmes.

[email protected]www.clinicaviarnetto.ch


Clinica Fondazione Varini 

Located on Locarno hill, the Fondazione Clinica Varini enjoys a magnificent view of Lake Lago Maggiore. The clinic employs highly specialised staff whose professional ethics are based on respect for the individual and responding to the needs of the patients.

[email protected]www.clinicavarini.ch

Clinica Santa Croce

The clinic is located on Orselina hill in a park that is centuries old and more than a hectare in size, where you can admire views of Locarno, the Brissago islands, and the northern part of Lake Maggiore. It is one of the most important psychiatric treatment facilities in Canton Ticino.

[email protected]www.santacroce.ch

Clinica Hildebrand

The Clinica Hildebrand rehabilitation centre in Brissago is one of the most important rehabilitation centres in Switzerland. Its infrastructure is modern, innovative, and perfectly equipped. The services on offer range from neurology to physiotherapy, from rheumatology to internal medicine.

[email protected]www.clinica-hildebrand.ch