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Ticino Canoa

Canoeing in the Ticino also means: sandy beaches, palm trees, mountains, cappuccino and lots of sunshine. A canoeing tour where the Mediterranean lifestyle blends with Alpine scenery.

Canoeing is different in the Ticino, where a Mediterranean climate meets a craggy mountain world. Palm trees grow in the valley and the steep slopes are covered with thick chestnut-tree forests. While most people travel further south on the motorway, it’s much quieter travelling south along the river. Happily the traffic flow stays hidden behind the thick vegetation along the banks and your gaze sweeps undisturbed over high mountain summits and rugged cliffs.

Tour Cresciano - Arbedo: 8 km (Bellinzona Region)
The clear turquoise waters of the Ticino finds its forked path along a wide gravel bed, creating islands and wide beaches where you can moor up and enjoy tanning under the southern sun. As a finale, the Arbedo rapids wait with a refreshing wave-riding session. And of course to round off the sun, sand and palm tree holiday atmosphere, don’t miss out on cappuccino and gelati. The Piazza in Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage, makes an ideal setting.



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