Image 0 - The Lukmanier Pass
Image 1 - The Lukmanier Pass
Image 2 - The Lukmanier Pass
Image 3 - The Lukmanier Pass

The Lukmanier Pass

The Lukmanier pass leads you from the north into the sunniest Ticinese valley, the “Valle del Sole”, officially called Blenio Valley. With its mountain pastures and breathtaking panoramas, it lies embedded in an officially acknowledged exceptional natural landscape with biological, geomorphological and historical-cultural treasures. It has been used for centuries, and was Barbarossas favorite way through the alps.

Although it is in a rather barren mountain world, the Ticino side of the massive has a countryside character. The mountain farmers have turned the wild valley into a scenic jewel, into vistas that unfold before your eyes while driving up the pass. The Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno in Acquacalda is an ideal starting point for hikers who want to cross this seductive Alpine region. An unforgettable tour is the one from Acquacalda over the ‘Passo del Sole’ into the Piora valley with all its lakes. The excursionist can experience a natural paradise in its whole variety.

Thanks to its relative low altitude (lower than 2000m.s.l.), the Lukmanier pass is usually open all year round. In the flat magical area of Campra, just below the pass there is Ticino’s biggest nordic ski centre that offers the best cross country slopes during winter. The public busses from Disentis or Bellinzona/Olivone to the pass run only in summer and autumn.

  • Altitude: 1915 Mms.l
  • Connects: Grisons and Ticino
  • Valley locations: Disentis and Biasca
  • Built: 1977
  • Max. gradient: 9%
  • Winter closing: open all year long