Image 0 - The Corzoneso mill

The Corzoneso mill

The association "Ul Murín da Curzönas", established in 2015, was born from the desire to promote the knowledge and conservation of the historical and ethnographic heritage of Corzoneso.

Among the association's main objectives is the restoration of the Corzoneso mill (and the surrounding area), which has been in disuse since the early 1900s.

The mill, which was in operation until the early 20th century and was mainly used to grind rye and wheat, is now fully functional again and can be put to use for educational purposes or during the traditional Corzoneso Mill Festival.

In addition to this, the association has been active in promoting knowledge of the mill and the activities linked to it as part of thematic routes and educational activities for all those interested in the historical, social and technical aspects linked to mills.

You can see the mill in operation by booking a visit through our contacts, we will be happy to open the doors and show you this fully restored and working jewel.