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TILO Regional Train Ticino provides fast and easy connections between the main centers of Ticino and in direction Lombardy.

The TILO network consists of the lines:

  • RE80 Locarno-Lugano-Chiasso-Milano
  • S90 Giubiasco-Lugano-Mendrisio
  • S10 Biasca-Bellinzona-Lugano-Chiasso-Como
  • S20 Castione-Arbedo-Bellinzona-Locarno
  • S30 Cadenazzo-Luino-Gallarate
  • S40 Como-Mendrisio-Varese
  • S50 Biasca-Bellinzona-Lugano-Varese-Malpensa.

A TILO night service is also available until the early hours of the morning on all nights between Friday and Saturday and between Saturday and Sunday on the S10 and S20 lines in Ticino.