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The TILO railway company provides fast and easy connections between the main centers of Ticino and in direction Lombardy. The TILO network consists of the lines:

  • S10 Bellinzona-Lugano-Chiasso-Como
  • S20 Biasca-Bellinzona-Locarno
  • S30 Cadenazzo-Luino-Gallarate
  • S40 Como-Mendrisio-Varese-Malpensa
  • S50 Varese-Mendrisio-Lugano- Bellinzona.

The offer is supplemented by the RE10 Erstfeld-Bellinzona-Lugano-Milano connections. There is also a night offer: the TILO Pigiama service is available on the nights Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday on the lines S10 and S20 in Ticino.