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School Farm Project

What is School Farm (SIF)?

Man depends on nature. On a farm this dependence is evident. Fewer children are growing up on a farm or have a relationship with the rural world.

Children know that almost all food consumed as processed and packaged. Thus they lose sight of the relationship between man and nature and they are lacking the understanding and sense of responsibility.

School Farm wants to encourage direct contact with children of the farming community. The main objective of the farm school is to allow children to see, touch, hear and feel firsthand the origins of food. Only direct experience, lived with his senses can bring forth a genuine understanding and respect for nature.

Farm School is a national project: In Switzerland, over 400 farms offering classes in schools (mostly elementary) the ability to make the visits usually take place over a whole day. In Ticino farms are SIF 20. Teachers can prepare seen in company with the support of educational classifier published Ticino Farmers Union (Unione Contadini Ticinesi).


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