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Rock Climbing in Ticino

Rock climbing became established in Ticino in the immediate post-war period on the rocky walls of the Denti della Vecchia, a characteristic mountain overlooking the Val Colla and Lugano area, and has grown in popularity over the years. The Canton of Ticino is now a real paradise for rock climbing enthusiasts, who can put themselves to the test on granite, gneiss or dolostone walls thanks to the presence of numerous cliffs equipped for climbing and a particularly favourable climate.


The Guida d’arrampicata Ticino e Moesano (Ticino and Moesano Climbing Guide) published by the Swiss Alpine Club is the perfect real reference book for those interested in climbing the rocky walls of Ticino’s mountains. It features over 2800 itineraries, presented with photographs, charts and descriptive texts in Italian, German and French. This guide is the result of twenty years of work by Glauco Cugini, assisted by numerous climbing enthusiasts. It can be purchased from Ticino’s tourist offices, book shops, Splugen Sport in Camorino, Balmelli Sport in Lugano, Belotti Sport in Locarno, Stile Alpino in Lugano, Campeggio Piccolo Paradiso in Avegno, Negozio Campeggio TCS in Gordevio, Ostello in Cresciano, Evolution Center in Taverne, SwissChallenge in Cresciano and Artis in Cevio. 


The guide states that “Ticino’s best-known climb on an international level is certainly Ponte Brolla”. Its sunny position and ease of access means that it attracts climbers from all over the world. The range of options available to climbing enthusiasts also includes numerous climbing facilities, such as Evolution Center indoor climbing centre, as well as various locations perfect for bouldering.


Photos : Glauco Cugini




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