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The pedestrianised village of Rasa sits at an altitude of 900 metres on a sunny natural terrace surrounded by meadows and forests. Immersed in an idyllic fairy-tale setting, Rasa has a romantic and beautifully well-kept centre. The stone houses that encircle its church and the flowerbeds in its well-tended gardens are authentically picturesque. The village is inaccessible by car; it can only be reached on foot along hiking trails or with a five-minute cable car ride from Verdasio.

It is well and truly hard not to fall under Rasa’s spell. Here, the smells of alpine woodland mingle with floral scents from immaculately kept gardens. It's as if you've stepped back into another century, a different world: Rasa is the only village left in Ticino that is inaccessible by road. Until 1958 – when the cable car was built – it could only be reached on foot, cut off from the world. There are plenty of picnic spots where you can admire the surrounding mountains and feel immersed in the peaceful, silent and timeless atmosphere of the high mountains, despite the lower altitude. But you can also stop at a grotto for a typical meal and a refreshing drink.

Thanks to its uniqueness and privileged views, Rasa has also been chosen as the home for a Swing the World swing.

Rasa offers access to a wide range of hikes in the Centovalli.