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Quartiere Maghetti

The origins of the Quartiere Maghetti date back to two donations: the one made by Angiola Maghetti on the 19th March 1828 and her parents on the 3rd August 1830.

 It was first called Legato Maghetti and not until 28th December 1916 was it recognised as Fondazione Orfanotrofio Maghetti, “with the aim of providing the poor orphans of Lugano witha professional education”.

On the 6th April 1902 the Oratory was opened thanks to the generosity of Canon Andrea Primavesi from Lugano, director of the Opera Pia Maghetti, who made the rooms and the large courtyard available to the Fondazione. In 1981, it was demolished to make space for the new Quartiere Maghetti.

On the 12th October 1984, to replace the “old Maghetti”, following a total renovation of the building, a completely new centre was born with luxury apartments, shops, boutiques, gardens, bars and restaurants. The Quartiere was then revisited by the architectural studio Mendini in Milan in the late 90s and this remodelling gave it a unique social and urbanistic expression.

It contains the cinema Iride, an historic cinema of Lugano. It not only screens movies but also has an important cultural and social purpose; it is supported by the Fondazione Maghetti, that now owns the building.


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