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Pizzo Leone

According to the naturalist Louis Lavizzari, one of the first explorers of the Ticino mountains in the 19th century, Pizzo Leone is the guardian of the „Ghridone“. The mountain is a great destination for all seasons, also in winter for snow shoeing and ski touring. Ideally you go for a hike in late spring or autumn.

On top of the mountain you can enjoy a splendid view of the Lake Maggiore, the pre alps and the alps. Forget about time and dive into the beautiful landscape. The chart of color ranges from the deep blue of the lake to a lush green which is covering big parts of the mountains. In the back you can spot the snow-limned mountian peaks of Monte Rosa. A bit further away you can even see from Verbano to Cannobio and Luino. The Centovalli and its picturesque towns is embedded in a wonderful natural landscape. Time will pass by quickly and you will not regret it.

To reach Pizzo Leone, you can get to Porera by car and then walk towards the summit via the Alpe di Naccio. Alternatively, you can take the funicular that leaves from Vedasio and arrives in Rasa, a small village in the Centovalli closed to traffic from which you can then walk through chestnut woods to Pizzo Leone.