Image 0 - Pickled fish - The recipe
Image 1 - Pickled fish - The recipe
Image 2 - Pickled fish - The recipe

Pickled fish - The recipe

Pesci in carpione (pickled fish)

Dust the fish with flour and fry in very hot oil with sage, rosemary and some salt until they are cooked (about 20 minutes). Put them in a flat dish. Using several spoonfuls of the oil from the cooking of the fish fry the following: finely chopped parsley, garlic, and other vegetables at your discretion, in small quantities. Then add vinegar and bring to a boil. Pour the entire mixture over the fish so that it is covered. Cool, & serve cold. If the vinegar is too strong wine can be used.

Whether lake or river, the fish goes perfectly with the taste of the vinegar and the herbs: resulting in a tasty and unique summer dish.