Image 0 - Piazza Monte Ceneri
Image 1 - Piazza Monte Ceneri
Image 2 - Piazza Monte Ceneri

Piazza Monte Ceneri

Piazza Ticino, on the Monte Ceneri Pass, with its Totem in Ticino stone, is the new landmark of the territory. The symbolic value of this intervention is very strong: the square symbolically represents the union between 3 regions (Locarno, Bellinzona, Lugano) characterized by a historical past of deep divisions since the year of establishment of Canton Ticino (1803). The Totem element, on the other hand, represents the concretization of the entire AlpTransit project, which sees the construction of the Ceneri base tunnel as its completion. The cladding of the Totem is in Ticino stone from the AlpTransit excavations.

The new Piazza Ticino represents one of the main points of the "La Via del Ceneri" hiking trail. The elliptical space is characterized by the presence of 5 benches and 4 new trees that create a shaded area for hikers to rest.

There is also a Photospot of the Grand Tour of Switzerland on the square where you can take your souvenir photo.


Address: Via Monte Ceneri, 6802 Rivera


Parking: Parking at the gas stations on the pass


Walking distance: Pedestrian path from the petrol station, 1 minute