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Pepe della Valle Maggia

The Pepe (pepper) from the Maggia Valley, even though pepper does not grow in the valley – as in no other place in Ticino – this pepper was given its name by its creator, Virgilio Matasci, whom, with his son Elis, enriches the spice in his small family-run lab based in Bignasco, in the Maggia Valley. The pepper, thanks to the adding of local spices, which are willingly kept secret, white whine, grappa and whiskey all strictly from Ticino, has a spicy aroma, and a fresh and smooth texture.

The original recipe dates back to the '80s; in fact during the preparation of the traditional mazza nostrana (the local slaughtering), Virgilio Matasci realises that the process of putting the pepper in brine, conferred a pleasant smoothness. From that moment on, the recipe was perfected over the years until the famous and appreciated Pepe of the Maggia Valley as we know it today was obtained. 


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