Image 0 - Paths crossing Gambarogno
Image 1 - Paths crossing Gambarogno
Image 2 - Paths crossing Gambarogno

Paths crossing Gambarogno

The paved road runs from the bus stop on the way to Indemini and goes through the wild Valle del Derbor, between the Piazzogna mountains and the Vairano mountains leading up to the Corte della Costa.

From the Corte della Costa starts a quiet and very romantic path through the woods, slightly uphill, leading to the Valle di Cedullo. From there it descends into a deep gorge where a waterfall welcomes the walkers. The climb is initially made a bit difficult by the presence of rocks but soon it allows an easy ascent. At this point we are not far from those that were once the pastures of the Monti di Gerra.
Passing by the last huts of Pianca and following the directions, a narrow path will guide you into the woods and through the grooves of three small streams. Just above the huts of the Mountains of Sant'Abbondio, the path indicates to follow the stream that collects the waters of the homonymous valley. On the other side of the way, the wall is bare because of a big rocky landslide. The trail continues without significant difficulty in a sparse forest, crosses the slopes of the Valley of Niv and finally descends to the Mountains Caviano (Centocampi).

To get to the station Ranzo-Sant'Abbondio, it is possible to go to Ranzo and continue on the cantonal way or proceed to Sant'Abbondio and go down on the road that leads directly to the station.