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Parks of Bellinzona

The three medieval castles of Bellinzona, - Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro form part of the listed treasures of Unesco. They are witness to the meeting of Latin and Germanic worlds - set in the so-called ‘way of the people’ through the old part of the town. At the foot of the great Alpine passes, they form an enclosure defined by the river Ticino and the fortified walls connecting the castles themselves. Nowadays it's possible to walk along the top of these wide fortifications and look over what's left of the medieval part of the town with its little squares and courtyards, and the Plain of Magadino in one direction, and to the west, Lake Maggiore and the area around Locarno. On the opposite side are the openings to the St. Gotthard and the St. Bernardino passes, which is why Bellinzona is known as the "gateway to the Alps".

The castles are surrounded by a sloping grassy area and thick walls. The town itself, vineyards and woods, all offer 360° of panoramic view. Strictly speaking this area is not a "park", in the accepted sense, but nonetheless noteworthy and historically important.

In Bellinzona it is also possible to walk around the Villa dei Cedri, home of the museum of modern and contemporary art. This romantic park surrounding the villa is divided into two main areas, a garden and a vineyard, producing an excellent Merlot Viti and Bianco Riserva della Città.


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