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Miglieglia Castle

The remains of the Miglieglia castle are on the rocky, moraine-covered spur overlooking the Magliasina gorge. Unfortunately, the remains have nota as yet been properly studied, and as a result the date of construction and its function are not clear.

The structure is large and the four walls measure 46,40: 40,60; 48,30 and 48 metres, with the thickness varying between 1.05 and 1.20 metre. Inside the perimeter the foundations of a rectangular tower 9.8 metres by 7.10 metres can be clearly seen.

A plausible theory is that the construction was part of fortified observation line, which includes the following points other ruins have been discovered:

  • Ponte Tresa (San Martino)
  • Pura
  • Novaggio (Castello)
  • Breno
  • Fescoggia
  • Mugena
  • Arosio

The system may have served to guard a route established by the Romans during the late empire. This road left the Milan-Sesto Calende to Varese route, passed through Ponte Tresa and climbed the Magliasina valley before descending again towards Taverne and continuing towards Monte Ceneri and the alpine passes.


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