Market of Lavena Ponte Tresa (Italy)

The village of Ponte Tresa is located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, on an inlet of Lake Lugano.


The market takes place on the Italian side and offers all sorts of goods. There are numerous stalls selling soft cheeses, cured meats, and fish from the lake, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables. You can also buy clothes of all kinds: jeans, jumpers, pyjamas, socks, tights, shoes, underwear, and hats. There are plenty of leather goods, such as bags and handbags, belts and jackets to be found here. You can also buy accessories (gloves, head scarves, and neck scarves) and beauty products. For those interesting in dress-making, there are buttons, cotton threads in all colours, fabrics, wool, etc. If you’re looking for something for the kitchen, you’ll find cutlery, ladles, whisks, and various other utensils.


Please consult the customs clearance sheet for information on customs practices.



Saturdays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.



  • TIMETABLE Saturday: 08.00-18.00
  • SHOPPING Italian markets

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