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Image 1 - Lukmanier nature trails
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Lukmanier nature trails

The Lukmanier is criss-crossed by 180 km of hiking trails. Of these, around 70 km have been selected as nature trails, enabling visitors to discover the natural beauty of this beautiful region. The 7 nature trails are illustrated in this brochure.

The entire Lukmanier landscape is considered to be an area of national importance, with extraordinary geomorphological, biological and cultural-historical content. One of the aims of the Lucomagno management programme is to promote nature-sensitive tourism. Seven themed circuits were created in 2000, some of which were integrated into the existing network of paths. The signage is uniform and consists of signs, arrows, rhombuses and markings in coloured paint. The colour used is green. In addition to this signposting, there are orientation and thematic boards with the Lukmanier nature trails.

The trails:

  1. Selvasecca Forest Reserve
  2. Brenno floodplains
  3. Brenno spring
  4. Camperio-Dötra-Anvéuda
  5. Campra-Croce Portera-Dötra
  6. Passo delle Colombe-Passo del Sole
  7. Lukmanier Alps