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Gotthard mountain route

The most beautiful travel experience through the Alps.

The existing Gotthard rail route is one of the most attractive ways of experiencing the Swiss Alps and the Gotthard region in particular. As if by magic, the landscape is ever-changing along this panorama route.

The tunnel is completed in 1882, more than 130 years later this remarkable route still never fails to fascinate, with its panoramic views and abundance of Alpine nature. The landscape extends from the fir-tree forests of the mountain regions to the picturesque palm-trees and stone dwellings of Switzerland's sunnier south. High-tech teams up with nature as you travel over no fewer than 250 bridges and through seven loop tunnels – through the heartland of Switzerland shrouded in the mists of myths and legends.

  • Opening of existing Gotthard rail route: 1882
  • Geographic location: linking Lucerne/Zurich/Basel north of the Alps with Bellinzona/Lugano/Locarno in the south
  • Existing Gotthard Train Tunnel: north portal Göschenen, south portal Airolo
  • Length of existing Gotthard Train Tunnel: 15 kilometres (in 1882 the longest in the world)
  • Amount of double loop tunnels: 7
  • Altitude difference surmounted: 600

  • The highest bridges on the SBB network nationwide: the Chärstelenbach Bridge (127 metres) and Intschireuss Bridge (121 metres) between Amsteg-Silenen and Gurtnellen north of the Alps
  • Double loop tunnel near Wassen: To gain (or lose) adequate altitude the train has to wind its way through a double loop tunnel. As a result passengers are able to view the Baroque church of Wassen from three different perspectives
  • Existing Gotthard Train Tunnel: entered into operation in1882 between Göschenen (north portal) and Airolo (south portal) – at 15 kilometres the then longest train tunnel in the world.
  • Loop tunnels in the Biaschina: two tunnels with views of the River Ticino ravine and the impressive motorway viaduct between Lavorgo and Giornico on the southern side of the existing Gotthard route
  • Gotthard Panorama Express: the existing Gotthard route can be combined with a cruise by historic paddle steamer on Lake Lucerne.


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