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Gabbani – for the last 77 years has been synonymous with excellence in quality foods. It was founded in 1937, in the heart of Lugano on Via Pessina by Domenico Gabbani. His vision was to create a boutique for taste and good food.

We started the catering business in 1960 and provide end to end solutions for your Food and Beverage needs. From special occasions 1 to 1 meetings for CEOs to large events. We carry out its complete organization and execution . Our minimum requirement
is 2 people.

At Gabbani we only use fresh ingredients of the highest quality and when possible we buy fair-trade goods with a focus on reducing our environmental impact. Our philosophy to look for Organic food and produce from local farms, no convenience food are used at our events.
Our chefs prepare all delicacies on site, nothing is pre-cooked. We set up our own kitchen at every location or we enhance the ones on site with our equipment (ovens, fridge, cooking ranges etc.).

When designing your menu our Chefs pay attention to the details, we look at seasonal ingredients, cater for special needs like food intolerances and allergies. We are constantly searching for innovative solution to provide you with high quality cuisine and a first class experience.

Some of the service we can provide:

  • coffee-breaks in the morning with croissanterie, fruits, various juices, coffee and tea
  • lunch: sandwiches’ lunch or complete lunch with pasta, rise, meat, fish, vegetables, salads, cheese and so on; you can have our food cold or hot, as you prefer, in disposal material, single portion; or a combination of sandwiches’ and not sandwiches’ lunch
  • coffee-breaks in the afternoon with our delicious cakes, biscuits, juices and sweeties
  • lunch-bags
  • welcome apero
  • gala dinner

We have special menus for people with food intolerances and allergies and we always offer a vegetarian choice.

Great care and attention is dedicated to products, focusing on fresh raw materials.