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Fratelli Meroni

Founded by brothers Marco and Vincenzo Meroni more than thirty years ago, Fratelli Meroni Sagl is based in Ticino, and more precisely in Biasca. The Meroni brothers have dedicated their free time to their passion, which is to grow grapes and make wine, now carried out with the same philosophy by Vincenzo.

Still today the area of vineyards cultivated is 1.5 hectares located between the Riviera, Blenio and Leventina Valleys.

Thanks to the long experience gained over the years it has been possible to "create" new labels and considerably improve the quality of the wines, which are known and appreciated in our territory. This passion has allowed the Meroni brothers to obtain national and regional awards, including 2nd place as best Swiss merlot at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2018 with the wine "Le Pergole, 2015". 

A new red wine will soon be released, made exclusively from grapes matured in the Ludiano Sprüch (50% merlot and 50% bondola), the wine will be named Malpaiséda.

The winery currently produces six red wines, 1 white, 1 sweet, 1 sparkling wine and a wine born from a project with the Mondò di Sementina winery. 


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