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Farmstay facilities

What better form of tourism could one choose than rural tourism, as a means of immersing oneself in cultural life and local traditions, protecting the environment, preserving the landscape and the heritage, characteristic of rural culture? In Ticino too, rural tourism is becoming a particularly interesting alternative proposition: thanks to the impetus of some pioneering firms and to promotional measures undertaken by authorities and the Ticino Farmers Union, the offer is constantly being broadened.

Currently, there are around one hundred such businesses operating in Ticino. Offers range from sampling various farm products, through guided tours, to accommodation in rooms, small apartments and dormitories, or the particular formula known as «sleeping on the hay».

In many rural tourism locations it is possible to enjoy homemade cooking based on regional products, or to organise a typical midday or evening meal among friends. Courses in organic farming, horse-riding or felt crafts are just some of the activities available around farms.

Further information and addresses are available on the www.agriturismo.ch