Image 0 - Chiesa di S. Pietro

Chiesa di S. Pietro

In the hamlet of Sureggio stands the small church of S. Pietro, built in Romanesque times on the foundations of an oratory of probable Carolingian origin. The 12th-century bell tower is adorned with pilasters and twin arches. In the 17th century, the church underwent major alterations with the addition of a quadrangular choir and a barrel-vaulted roof.

Inside, on the walls of the nave, in the upper section, important frescoes from the Romanesque period (12th century) depict the Crucifixion, the Holy Women, an Angel at the Tomb also known as Easter Morning, the Flight into Egypt, the Presentation in the Temple and the Virgin and Child. In the lower area is a fresco with a view of the turreted city of Milan ('Mediolanum') from 1162 and an ostrich. The church was restored in the 1970s and the original frescoes were restored by the painter Luigi Gianola.

  •     Closed all year round.
  •     Key at Mrs. Carmen Poletti, Lugaggia-Sureggio (tel. 091 943 27 87).