Image 0 - Capanne, CAS e FAT
Image 1 - Capanne, CAS e FAT
Image 2 - Capanne, CAS e FAT

Capanne, CAS e FAT

Mountain Huts open to the public of the Canton of Ticino are the property of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) and are managed by the Ticinese clubs that also promote alpinism and hiking in conformity with the Statute. SAC (CAS) huts, that are located above an altitude of 2000 m, even if non-guarded are always open and allow free access to a certain number of beds.

The Ticinese Alpine Federation (FAT) is the association that encompasses all the local mountaineering clubs, which see to managing their huts and mountaineering and hiking activities.

One of SAC's main objectives has been that of publishing reliable publications to make the Alps accessible. In the first few years of its existence, the Club published a series of maps. For many years now, the guidebooks of the Alpine Club’s publishing house have enjoyed great renown and in recent years special guidebooks have been created to cover various mountaineering activities: sport climbing, ski-alpinism and hiking. Besides these didactic texts, the catalogue on mountain huts was especially successful.

This catalogue indicates to mountain climbers and hikers where it is possible to stay overnight and what infrastructures are available at each of the different huts. It also contains booking addresses and the most common routes of access to get to them both in summer and in winter.