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Cable car Camorino-Monti di Croveggia


This charming little cable car from the early 70s gives you the possibility to easily explore the surroundings of Monti di Croveggia. Four people can reach the top with the single cabin in about 10 minutes. 

From the top you can go for some nice excursion in the beautiful forests or even reach some interesting heights like the Pizzo Corgella and Camoghé. 

The cable car runs from March to November. A maximum of 12 people can be brought up in 1 hour. On the website you will find the timetable and the contacts to ask extra ride if necessary. 

Departure: Camorino (310 m.s.m.)
Arrival: Monti di Croveggia (920 m.s.m.)


  • VENUES Suitable for families
  • TRANSPORTS Funiculars - Cable cars