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Atelier Angelo Ferrari

Angelo Ferrari alternates sculpture with other activities in touch with nature. He was born on March 22, 1945 in Ludiano where he still lives today. The mystery of his creativity is perhaps, as he says, anxiety. That force that comes from nothing and from everything, from life, from the intimate and continuous awareness of our ending, the anxiety of existence in short, that forces each of us to research, to understand, to do and create.

He is a passionate artist, discoverer of forms, chiseller, carver and sculptor. He knows wood very well, a material congenial to him and works with passion to create inspired shapes and statues. Sculpture is the language with which he gives body, form and substance to his inner world, his moods, disappointments, hopes and dreams.

The Ludiano atelier (near the Grotto Milani) can be visited free of charge and by appointment by calling 079 730 75 18 or 091 870 17 34 .


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