Image 0 - Curzútt above Monte Carasso
Image 1 - Curzútt above Monte Carasso
Image 2 - Curzútt above Monte Carasso

Curzútt above Monte Carasso

The settlement of Curzútt is the former village of Monte Carasso (Bellinzona district). The ancient hamlets surround the church of San Bernard and thus they formed an area of unique national importance. In the mountain around there are ancient trails used nowadays for both instructional and recreational purposes. Among the dense chestnut woods, one still finds traces of the antique peasant culture with a few openings offering views over Bellinzona castles and the Magadino plains.
From the amiable village of Curzútt, visitors can witness a superb view over the Lake Maggiore. Moreover, at the summit of Monte Carasso, several viewpoint allows you to have a spectacular overlook at the horizon of Bellinzona with all its splendour.
From the amiable town of Curzútt, visitors can witness a superb view of the Magadino plain. Moreover visitors can go up till Mornera, veritable panoramic terrace over Bellinzona which offers a grotto, two ponds and a launch site for paragliders.
A fully 24/7 operational cable car from Monte Carasso, makes Curzútt accessible to visitors in all seasons. The presence of several historic art treasures, a network of educational trails and varied landscape make this a particularly suitable destination for schools organising study weeks.


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