Image 0 - CANCELLED: Fiera di San Provino

CANCELLED: Fiera di San Provino

Procession in the town’s streets, stalls, raffles, games. Gastronomic festival of Ravioli. Exhibit of vintage tractors, farming machinery and products. On Monday there will be a livestock and courtyard animal fair.

The San Provino Fete takes place every year, usually on the second Weekend of March, in Agno. Along with the religious celebrations honouring the Saint, Bishop of Como and worshipped in town throughout history, the Fete combines fun fairs and games, music and gastronomy and the large rural show, with exhibitions of agricultural machinery and products, livestock (cows, goats, sheeps and poultry), all until Monday.

In the past the San Provino Fete in Agno was of great importance and involved all in the Lugano region: it was the first Fete after the long Winter season. For any about to leave for work or life abroad, it was a chance to meet friends and relatives; for families, and especially for kids, San Provino was synonymous with fun: they could buy a little flute and they had the chance to walk around, among the "tiro a segno" (hit the target games), carousels, music, stands with candy floss, dried fruits and confetti. Young local people used to take the chance to propose, in the heady atmosphere; the girls used to receive as presents, paper or cloth flowers from the stands. Meanwhile the adults would meet at the "Osteria", where they could enjoy the traditional sweet ravioli, or in the space dedicated to livestock, negotiate and engage in business.


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