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Piazza Riforma

Riforma Square is the main square of the city of Lugano. During the summer, different events take place there. Its name derives from the constitutional reform of 1839.

The principal building in the square is the Town Hall built between 1840 and 1844 in the neo-classical style. In the atrium between the entrance and the court are placed 5 statues: Giocondo Albertolli, neo-classic architect; opposite Father Francesco Soave, writer; the architect and engineer Domenico Fontana who had the famous obelisk in San Pietro Square built in Rome; the Bishop Giuseppe Maria Luvini, a renowned preacher, the work of the sculptor Vincenzo Vela as the imposing Spartacus. In the Town Hall, besides the offices of the town council, there is also the Information Office of Lugano Tourism.

On Saturdays (8 am - 5 pm) you will find the market of antiques and handicrafts in the Canova and Maghetti areas.


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