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Tremorgio Hut


The Lake Basin of Lago Tremorgio

The impressive lake basin of the Lago Tremorgio is the center piece of this high alpine route that starts in Alpe Pesciüm and winds up in Rodi-Fiesso. The route hugs the tree-line, sometimes passing above it, affording wonderful views of the Leventina, sometimes going below it, ging you a chance to explore the high alpine flora.

The infrastructure is composed of two distinct blocks. The hut itself is surrounded by greenery on a promontory overlooking the lake Tremorgio, is linked to the arrival station of the cable car, which is less than 5 minutes, a comfortable and flat trail.

The secondary building iis a little lower, surrounded by beautiful larches and enriched by the 'silence forestry' typical of these area. Hut Tremorgio

The hut consists of a living room with fireplace (capacity approx. 40 people), a full kitchen and two bathrooms with shower.

With regard to housing supply consists of three bedrooms, 5, 14 and 20 beds, furthermore there is an apartment with 3 beds and one up to five beds with separate kitchen and bathroom.

The outdoor area is enriched by a large garden and a terrace (with fireplace attached) that serves as an ideal meeting friendly during the summer.

The route that goes from Alpe Pesciüm Rodi-Fiesso revolves around the impressive crater lake Tremorgio. The route is challenging, runs along the edge of the tree line.



  • OPENING 01.06 - 31.10
  • SIZE Number rooms: 4, Number of beds: 47
  • LOCATION View on the lake , Panoramic view
  • FACILITIES Shower , Use of the kitchen area