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Capanna Cava

Stay for 36 people, wood and gas kitchen, lighting with solar panel, toilet, 2 bedrooms with 18 beds. From the hut you can enjoy a beautiful view of the wall of the peaks of the Torroni. In winter, the hut is ideal for excursions in a wild and sparsely frequented environment. Closed in winter, accessible on reservation.

It can be reached from Biasca along two different paths taking from 5 hours 30 to 6 hours.

The route initially leads through the forest to the alpine pasture at 2,066 m, where the hut is located. With 36 beds, it is always open, but the guardian is only present from the beginning of June to the end of September. When the guardian is absent you can cook. We recommend an excursion to the lakes of Cava.

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