Ticino Ticket

One ticket, endless emotions

You save time and appreciate even more every minute of your holiday

With Ticino Ticket you are free to travel and visit every corner of the southernmost Canton of Switzerland.
Lakes, rivers and mountains – everything at hand with Ticino Ticket!

From summer 2021, the Ticino Ticket becomes digital and you can receive it directly on your smartphone. From January 2022 it will be even more transformed and it will take even less time to check in, the activation will be done autonomously and there will be less use of paper and ink.

In short, a perfect solution for environmental sustainability!

Who is entitled to receive the Ticino Ticket?

Everyone overnighting in hotels, youth hostels or campsites taking part in the project can get a Ticino Ticket.

Please note that the overview pages presented through the website ticino.ch concerning: hotels, campsites and youth hostels do not constitute a recommendation or a guarantee on the part of Ticino Turismo to obtain the Ticino Ticket, but are merely for information purposes. We invite you to compulsorily contact the establishment of your choice, before booking, to be certain of obtaining the Ticino Ticket.

Who are the partners and what are their discounts?

Have a look and download the brochure of all partners and reductions 2024

Download the PDF

How does it work and what are terms and conditions?

In the “Frequently Asked Questions” section we answer to your queries, providing you with all the information you need.

We thank our

partners for the valuable cooperation.