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Casa Ida

Casa Ida is located in the Leventina Valley, in Primadengo and has been available since 1992. The house can be used all year round and has its own premises and services in order to guarantee residential autonomy. The maintenance of the property and technical assistance are ensured by a caretaker. The management of the house is guaranteed by the Association in collaboration with the Foundation in favour of the marginalized and drug addicts, owner of the building.

The house allows daytime and residential use for: family holidays, residential seminars, community experiences, colonies, ski courses, change of air, work camps, mountain schools, living in nature, practicing sports.  Casa Ida has 53 beds divided into rooms and 30 beds in the attic. It has been designed to accommodate mainly people with physical impediments, therefore it has no architectural barriers. It has two dining rooms, two classrooms, an atelier, a bar and a room for meetings and conferences.


  • SIZE Number of beds: 47
  • LOCATION Close to the bus stop
  • VENUES Accommodation for groups , Lift
  • FACILITIES Use of the kitchen area