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A «Walkingtested» trail, that's been especially selected for walking and nordic walking (for evaluations and opinions see «see also»).
The trail that starts and arrives at Montagnola bordering Monte della Croce. From the parking lot of the municipal schools take the road above the park and continue along part of the «H. Hesse path» that penetrates into the woods. You can use rubber tips on your poles in the first 200 metre stretch. Follow the path to «Montagnola» until you come out onto a large level meadow. Continue until you get to the road, cross it and follow the path on the other side, at the end put rubber tips back on. Reach the hamlet of Bigogno and the 15th century Oratory of the Blessed Virgin. Continue along the asphalt road until Agra, passing next to the Church of S. Tommaso, known ever since the Middle Ages. In Montagnola you'll find a small fountain; from here go back to the path (remove rubber tips) and continue in the woods with great views of Lake Lugano. There follows a stretch of road, which offers a stunning view of the Luganese mountains (Bar, Gazzirola, Sighignola), all the way to the higher ones of the Bellinzona area, while on the left hand side you can admire Mount Lema and Mount Tamaro; continue along the road and re-enter the town of Montagnola.
walkingtested.ch (see «see also») notes and technical assessments, suggestions and updates on the state of the itinerary.


  • ALTITUDE 610 mslm
  • DISTANCE 4.9 km
  • Time required 1 h
  • REGION Valli di lugano h
  • DEPARTURE Montagnola, parking lot of the municipal schools
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Montagnola - Bigogno - Agra - Arasio - Montagnola
  • INDICATIONS Surface type: dirt road / asphalt
    Observations: -
    Nordic Walking: change of rubber tips
    Water supply: 1 fountain along the trail
    Access: parking at the point of departure, bus stop nearby
  • TRACK Nordic Walking