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«Walkingtested» path especially selected for the practice of walking and Nordic walking (for reviews and comments see «Information»)

Nice scenic journey along the shores of Lake Maggiore from the Minusio municipal port, along the Minusio-Muralto-Locarno lakefront, until the Maggia River delta, and back through Piazza Grande in Locarno. Path entirely flat, on paved road except for one stretch on gravel, with several alternative routes and the possibility of interrupting the walk (see map). Near the start are convenient parking, public transport, water, and toilets. Head toward Locarno on the shaded pedestrian and cycle path that runs alongside the lake. Among a number of small villas is «Cà di ferro», a 16th century building that historically served as barracks for mercenaries. Pass the Locarno pier and continue along the lake until you reach the Lido swimming complex and, just a little further, the Maggia River delta. On this first stretch you will find small drinking fountains and toilets. The river delta opens up in all its breadth, with a view of the mountains in the distance. From here head back into town, passing through the inside of the Piazza Castello roundabout and emerging right in front of the castle. Head through Piazza Grande, admiring the historical buildings including the neoclassical former government building erected at the beginning of the 19th century. Pass by the pier once again and walk along the lake until you reach the starting point.


  • ALTITUDE 203 mslm
  • DISTANCE 12.1 km
  • Time required 1 h
  • REGION Locarno e dintorni h
  • DEPARTURE Minusio, municipal port
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Tenero - Navegna - Minusio - Rivapiana - Muralto - Lido Locarno - Boscaccio - Piazza Grande - Muralto - Rivapiano - Minusio - Navegna - Tenero
  • INDICATIONS Type: Mixed gravel/paved road
    Comments: City route
    Nordic Walking: Change of tips
    Provisions: 2 fountains along the way
    Access: Parking and bus stop at the Minusio municipal port
  • TRACK Nordic Walking