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«Walkingtested» path especially selected for the practice of walking and Nordic walking (for reviews and comments see «Information»)
The starting point is located in the «heart» of the mystical Monte Verità, on the hill overlooking the 16th century town of Ascona, described in verse by Italian poet Eugenio Montale. The route starts on the left side of the parking just across from the park. On the other end are toilets and water. The large lawn located right at the start and finish is a great place for warm-up and cool-down exercises. Almost the whole walk takes place on paved road, so you will have your rubber tips. Only on one short stretch, near the «Gratena» hill, is it suitable to take them off. This is an easy walk, with a few short but challenging climbs around the «Balladrum» and «Gratena» hills. The whole walk is in the woods, making it ideal from spring to fall, whereas in winter there is not much sun. Along the first stretch you will be able to admire from above the stunning view of Lake Maggiore and the Brissago Islands two green pearls in the middle of the lake. On the second part of the walk you get glimpses of the delta of the Maggia River between Losone and Solduno. Be careful descending the last part, especially in case of rain and wet surfaces.


  • ALTITUDE 403 mslm
  • DISTANCE 6.1 km
  • Time required 1 h
  • REGION Locarno e dintorni h
  • DEPARTURE Ascona, Parking Monte Verità
  • POINTS OF INTEREST Monte Verità - Moscia - Castelli - Gratena - Castelli - Monte Verità
  • INDICATIONS Type: Mixed gravel/paved road
    Comments: First part, beware traffic
    Nordic Walking: Change of tips
    Provisions: Water at departure
    Access: Parking at Monte Verità
  • TRACK Nordic Walking