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Alpine Guides Ticino


The office Alpine Guides Ticino (GAT) exists since 1992 and brings together a dozen of active mountain guides that have a federal license for the exercise of the profession. The group aims to promote mountain and nature and to bring the public closer to mountaineering in its various forms guaranteeing maximum safety and professionalism.

Our guides offer a wide choice of activities: ski touring, snowshoeing, ice climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering, family-friendly activities, hiking for all levels, activities for groups and companies.

The aim of the guide is to get to know better the mountains of Ticino without ignoring other mountain ranges in Europe and elsewhere.



In winter

Going in the mountains in winter with skis or snowshoes is fascinating. The mountains of our region offer unique opportunities and are envied by many: just in less than an hour drive from the city center to reach mountain peaks with immaculate snow slopes. Though all this has to proceed with prudence and knowledge of the subject.

The guides of the GAT organize trips, courses and activities in the snow, but also on frozen waterfalls.

Examples of proposed areas: Alta Valle Maggia, Valle Bedretto and the Leventina, Blenio Valley and San Bernardino. All these areas also lend themselves for "Haute routes" trips of several days.


In summer

The Ticino canton is considered a prime destination for a wide range of activities in the spring, summer and fall: rock climbing on climbing walls; climbing rocky peaks; climbing on granite; climbing on limestone and from simple trips to high mountain routes and “via ferrata”. GAT offers the possibility to practice all these activities accompanied by professionals who know the territory very well.

Examples of proposed areas: Denti della Vecchia, Ponte Brolla, Bosco Gurin, Basodino, Adula, Valle Bedretto and high routes of Verzasca and Valle Maggia.

The group of guides are also active in other regions of the Alps, on 4000m. “classics” and other more distant peaks with specific proposals.


Special activities

Going in the mountains and mountaineering are not necessarily extreme activities. More and more people visiting the Alps to enjoy the landscape, the nature and to spend good time together. For this reason, in recent years the GAT organizes special activities such as family trips, training courses for families (climbing with children and parents), companies or small groups.

Many members of the GAT also offer individually more specific activities such as hiking, trekking, tour skiing, trips abroad and more.

For more information please visit the website www.guidealpineticino.ch or contact the office by e-mail:  [email protected]