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Vallemaggia Trail

In collaboration with I Run To You was founded a charity in March 2013. The proceeds will be donated to the association that engages in beneficial actions around the world. As the first in Switzerland, this race is a running trail in stages extended over three days. A race that takes place in our mountains, among pristine trails where nature will offer you impressive and very suggestive sceneries. All three stages will take place in Valle Maggia and each with its own charm; a unique experience where you feel like being between heaven and earth.
The race is open to all who have reached 16 years of age. 


Many stages and all different from each other:

Friday 28th June
- Maggia - Coglio 23.2 Km (+2419m)
- Maggia - Coglio 14 Km (max 4h)

Saturday 29th June
- Giumaglio - Bivio Pozzasc 42.195 Km (+3592m)

Sunday 30th June
- Km Vertical (4 Km) Gordevio - Monti di Brunescio (record: 35.05 min.)

The organizing committee reserves the right at any time to change departures times, distances of the race paths and location of the stages. 


More info and registration: www.vallemaggiatrail.com or email [email protected] 



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