Image 0 - Traditional beating of chestnuts
Image 1 - Traditional beating of chestnuts
Image 2 - Traditional beating of chestnuts

Traditional beating of chestnuts

Also this year the Ethnographic Museum of the Muggio Valley mevm has the opportunity to load the historic graa located at the southern edge of the nucleus of Cabbio (near the fountains and the cemetery). The drying process begins in mid-October, with voluntary enthusiasts alternating to feed and cure the fire without interruption.

On November 6, thanks to the passion and commitment of the Amici della Graa, it will therefore be possible to renew the traditional gesture of beating.

In case of good weather, from 10:30 am the participants will be able to see the graa, follow the phases of the work, and will have the opportunity to have a small lunch on the spot. In the afternoon they can try their hand at the ancient and rhythmic gesture of beating, and help in the choice of dried chestnuts. The beating, cleaning with the use of the fan and the sorting of dried chestnuts will take place next to the graa.

In the event of bad weather the date of the event may be changed. If in doubt, please consult the Museum's website (www.mevm.ch) or call 076 418 00 32 from Thursday evening.

Parking spaces are limited, so public transport to Cabbio is recommended.


  • OPENING Sun: 10:30
  • CATEGORIES Enogastronomy , Local festivals