Image 0 - Serenata Gran Partita! Mozart, the Genius
Image 1 - Serenata Gran Partita! Mozart, the Genius
Image 2 - Serenata Gran Partita! Mozart, the Genius

Serenata Gran Partita! Mozart, the Genius

The CaronAntica Early Music Festival opens the new season with a concert dedicated to the timeless figure of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the genius of classicism, in which the absolute protagonists will be the ancient woodwinds: historical clarinets, basset horns, classical oboes and bassoons, natural horns in combination with the violone. This formation of wind instruments underwent an interesting evolution in the second half of the 18th century, when the repertoire intended for this kind of ensemble was greatly enriched. Until then, these instrumental ensembles had mostly been reserved for an entertainment role, consisting of performing music specially composed for festivals and ceremonies, whether court or private, and often performed outdoors. Mozart turned this 'light' connotation of the wind band upside down, composing an absolute masterpiece of no less than 7 movements, in which the colours of each instrument are defined in the same way as characters in an opera, in a perfect musical architecture.

Ensemble in Residenza of CaronAntica

  • Emma Black, Priska Comploi – oboes
  • Luca Lucchetta, Francesco Spendolini – clarinets
  • Erich Hoeprich, Rocco Carbonara – basset horns
  • Giulia Genini, Carlos Bertão – bassoons
  • Daniele Bolzonella, Ricardo Roduiguez, Dileno Baldin, Fabio Forgiarini – horns
  • Luca Bandini – violone


  • OPENING Sat: 18:00 – 19:00
  • CATEGORIES Local festivals , Music , Classical music , Get-togethers