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National Day

National Day is one of the most important celebrations for the people of Lugano and represents a time of unity and reflection. From the reveille with the drummers, to the official speeches and evening show, there will be many opportunities to celebrate the birth of the homeland together.


6:00 am – City Centre 

  • Reveille with the Luganese Drummers 

10:15 am – Piazza della Riforma 

  • Meeting with the authorities in the Town Hall patio, and procession 

10:30 am – Piazza Indipendenza 

  • Laying of the wreath at the Independence Monument 

6:00 pm – Piazza Manzoni

  • Lüganiga Band

8:30 pm – Via Nassa

  • Gathering of Authorities and City Associations

8:45 pm – Via Nassa

  • Procession of Authorities and Town Associations

9:15 pm – Piazza della Riforma

  • Allocution of 1 August

10:30 pm – Gulf of Lugano

  • Great evening show


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