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Find your vision project

Design the Garden of your Life

Imagine your Life as a Garden.
How would you like it to be?
Which colors and perfumes feel intimately yours ?
What kind of fruit would you like to offer to the world?

Learning through experience how to get in touch with your vision and to create your new life / work project, in a totally innovative energetic way.

You will spend a week (7 days) in the Swiss Italian mountains in an absolutely natural environment, quite and perfectly close to Nature.
You will live very simply in an ancient „rustico“ (mountain hut) in order to avoid any distraction from yourself.
You will get in touch with your deep inner self personality and needs and you will get inspiration from within.
You will open your heart and let your creativity flow. Your new vision of your life will appear naturally from your deep soul and consciousness.

It’s easier than you think !

I will teach you how to create, to balance, to stabilize end nurture your project in such a way that you cannot even imagine.
We will spend every day 4 hours together, so that I can guide you, step by step, during your discovery of this amazing spiritual technique.
At the end of the week you will go home with a new vision of your life. And you will benefit from a spiritual approach and perspective allowing you to turn into practice your favorite ideas and projects.

Dates: by arrangement with Annamaria Dadò


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